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Strategy & Budget

Each fall, our team engages in a participatory planning process that encompasses reflecting on our learning, goal setting and grantmaking budgeting.

2021 Strategic Direction

Our primary goal this year is to remain steady in our core grantmaking portfolios while continuing to respond to the ongoing public health and economic crisis. We anticipate continuing to provide significant COVID-19 responsive funding in addition to our core grantmaking budget. In addition, we have moved immigration, economic opportunity and portions of the housing advocacy grantmaking, previously strategic opportunities, into our core portfolio for 2021 and beyond.

Past Years' Reports

This year, we regularly heard from grantee partners about the urgent housing crisis, especially the growing displacement of families who are priced out of their homes and communities. Many communities are seeing rapid growth in requests for services, particularly across Santa Cruz and Monterey counties and the San Joaquin Valley, all places where wages tend to be lower amid an escalating cost of living for families. In spite of serious threats such as public charge and changing eligibility for benefits, grantee partners have provided critical services to families around the region. In addition to our core portfolio, we made several grants to emerging and exciting work in the San Joaquin Valley that focuses on strengthening the capacity of local organizations. The strong leadership and investment by local funders in that region has been inspiring; we are excited to participate and learn. We also continued to fund efforts to ensure a fair and accurate count for the 2020 Census and have sustained our housing advocacy grantmaking at the state and local levels. In the coming year, we will explore how to more fully incorporate community voice to ensure that those most affected by poverty and policies are at the center of the work.

2019 Grant Data

Grants Paid

Unique Grantees

Payment Range
$7,500 - $500,000

Average Grant Payment

Grant Payments


Strategy & Budget