What We Fund

Sunlight Giving promotes the health and well-being of children and families through:

Community Health Care

Community clinics and public hospitals that provide comprehensive primary care and preventive services for low-income families. These providers ensure that children and families have access to hearing, vision, dental, and developmental screenings that refer children for other care.

Access & Advocacy

Local and statewide advocacy organizations that are dedicated to protecting children’s and families’ right to quality and affordable health care. These organizations also ensure community clinics have the resources and support to provide quality care, promote health equity, and increase access for diverse communities.

Community Health Initiatives

Organizations and programs that address the social determinants of health and reduce barriers to access through innovative solutions. Examples of this work include health screenings, outreach, referrals, diaper banks, and community health workers, including in non-traditional settings.

What We Look For

Organizations such as community clinics and school-based clinics that provide comprehensive culturally competent and linguistically appropriate medical, dental, reproductive and prenatal care to families with young children.

What We Don't Fund

Health programs focused solely on adults, mental health services, substance abuse and addiction services, or specialty care.