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Safe Spaces

Families and children deserve safe and nurturing environments. Too often, barriers of cost, access, and safety prevent families, caregivers, and children from taking part in activities that promote engagement with their physical environment and connection with their communities.

What We Fund

Sunlight Giving supports organizations that offer children and families spaces for:
Play spaces, including building and renovating parks and playgrounds where children play and explore.
Community hubs that cater to families with activities, resources, and connection, including libraries, family centers, and playgroups.
Early Care and Education
Early care and education centers and resources to ensure childcare is available and of high quality, including in informal settings.

What We Look For

We have a particular interest in organizations that ensure that these spaces are available to residents in neighborhoods and communities that currently lack them.

What We Don't Fund

Spaces or efforts for the sake of kindergarten readiness or literacy.

Safe Spaces