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Family Opportunity

Too many families face barriers in attaining economic security and participating fully in our community despite the presence of safety net and social services. Building pathways of mobility and inclusion ensures families have more opportunity.

What we fund

In the first year of the Family Opportunity portfolio, we are elevating and increasing our existing grantmaking focused on immigration. Over time, we will add more focus areas to the portfolio. Sunlight Giving helps ensure families have access to mobility, inclusion, and opportunity by supporting:
Immigration Legal Services
Affirmative immigration legal services
Support For Service Providers
Organizations providing technical assistance, legal trainings, and capacity support to bolster the ecosystem of immigration legal service providers
Policy and Advocacy
Organizations advocating for policies and systems that benefit immigrants and strengthen our community

What We Look For

  • We prioritize local organizations that provide culturally relevant immigration legal services to the diverse immigrant communities in our 10-county geography. 
  • We also support organizations that strengthen the regional/state immigration legal service sector. 
  • We also fund a limited number of organizations advancing local/regional/state policies and systems affecting immigration. 

What We Don't Fund

We do not fund organizations that focus exclusively on removal defense.

Family Opportunity