What we fund

Sunlight Giving helps ensure families are food secure by supporting:

Food Banks

Food banks that serve as hubs for each county and provide food for distributors, which can include smaller food banks covering a more limited geographical area, food pantries, and soup kitchens. And, associations that support food banks and regional WIC offices.

Community Solutions

Local organizations developing innovative solutions and addressing the food security needs of their community. This includes groups that address access to food retail, food recovery and distribution, urban community farms, and food incentives (e.g. doubling the value of Calfresh).

Systems Change

Organizations addressing the policies and systems impacting food security through reforms to strengthen the food distribution system and expand access to food benefits (CalFresh and WIC).

What We Look For

Local organizations that address food insecurity for families with young children through direct distribution of food or efforts to improve access as well as advocacy organizations focused on policies for food distribution and benefits access.

What We Don't Fund

Stand-alone food pantries, meal centers, or organizations with a primary focus on environmental or nutrition education.