Sunlight Giving believes a child’s economic status should not define their future. We are dedicated to supporting nonprofits that ensure young children and their families living in poverty in greater Silicon Valley have access to the resources they need.

Founders Message

Too many families in Silicon Valley do not have access to basic resources. Current research suggests that safe and affordable housing, physical safety, healthy food, and quality health care are vital for families to achieve stability. Resources that address these needs can have a significant impact on improved health and social and economic outcomes for families. In particular, young children see exponential benefits from having access to these resources. These findings compel us to give.

As one of the three sister organizations in the Wildcard Giving family, Sunlight Giving’s grantmaking works in tandem with Acton Family Giving’s empathy building initiative and Solidarity Giving’s stand for social justice. Together, the three philanthropic entities support communities across the country and beyond. They share a commitment to the philanthropic values of being in service to the public trust, upholding transparency in grantmaking, providing general and flexible operating support, continuing to learn and adapt, and trusting grantees and the communities they serve.

- Tegan and Brian Acton

Our Goal

Sunlight Giving seeks to build vibrant, diverse, and safe communities where all families have access to stable shelter, food security, quality health care, joy, and opportunity.