2022 Strategic Direction

This year, we will stay the course with our regular grantmaking and continue with responsive grants focused on recovery from the pandemic. We also expect to use what we learn this year to chart a course for 2023 and beyond as we anticipate winding down responsive giving and refocusing on our core commitments to general operating support and capacity building. Our entire staff continues to explore principles of racial equity with a goal of sharpening how we examine, learn from, and adapt our grantmaking. To that end, we have also launched a new program area called Family Opportunity that builds upon some of our existing grantmaking in immigration and makes room for future work focused on expanding and sustaining equitable opportunities for families. In addition, we allocated time and budget to explore two new initiatives focused on community voice and mental health.

Past Years' Reports

We maintained our commitment to provide partners with long-term flexible support with our regular grantmaking budget of ~$20M and distributed an additional ~$20M in COVID-19 responsive grants. This significant responsive grantmaking resulted in one-time shifts to the data that represents our usual practices. For example, where we usually award more multi-year grants than one-year grants for our long-term partners, all of our responsive grants to our partners in 2020 and 2021 were awarded as one-year grants.

Our responsive grantmaking included targeted quarterly grants to organizations providing food, essential supplies, cash, and rental assistance, or legal aid to families as well as flexible grants to support both families and our partners. This dual focus acknowledged both the families seeking support in higher numbers across the year and the various short-and long-term organizational needs of nonprofits that capably pivoted to meet community need. 

We also responded to aligned collaborative funding opportunities, including: 

  • The California Immigrant Resilience Fund, which provides direct cash assistance to families who are ineligible for COVID-19 federal and state safety net and relief programs. 

  • Capacity grants to our partners managing Undocufunds in acknowledgment of associated administrative expenses. 

  • The Together Toward Health initiative, which funds local community-based organizations that provide education, awareness, and outreach to populations disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

  • Capacity grants to our partners participating in the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) in acknowledgment of the additional capacity required to enroll clients.

2021 Grant Data

Grants Paid

Unique Grantees

Payment Range
$2,250 - $1,000,000

Average Grant Payment

Grant Payments