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How We Work


How We Work

Our hope is to be responsive and adaptable in our grantmaking while maintaining a consistent commitment to nonprofits and the communities they serve. We value the expertise of communities and partners and trust that they know how best to meet the needs of their constituents. 

We scan the landscape to identify organizations aligned with our mission, program areas, and geography, and look to community leaders and research to inform our approach. Most of our grantmaking is by invitation, but we welcome inquiries from prospective partners. 

How We Fund

We strive to apply best practices in philanthropy to our grantmaking. To that end, we work toward the following:
Mission Alignment
We prefer to offer flexible funding and general support to organizations that squarely align with our mission.
Flexible Funding
We provide flexible funding, typically in the form of general support grants, and may offer capacity building, capital, and other types of grants as well.
Longer-Term Funding
We consider multi-year support for some of our grantees, acknowledging the benefits of securing stable, longer-term funding.
Minimal Requirements
We are mindful of the time and effort we request from grantees throughout the funding process and attempt to minimize procedure and reporting requirements.

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How We Work