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2019 Grantmaking Strategy

This year, grantmaking in our core program areas will remain steady across our 10-county region. We have set aside funding for several strategic opportunities that have surfaced from conversations with grantees and time in the field. These time bound and/or exploratory areas focus on regional issues that align with our core grantmaking portfolio.

Below please find our 2019 grants budget:

Core Grantmaking Portfolio

Family Support  $5,480,000
Food Security $3,695,000
Health Care Access $4,970,000
Housing Stability  $4,400,000
Safe Spaces  $3,150,000
Sector Support/Research $75,000
SUBTOTAL $21,770,000  



Strategic Opportunities

2020 Census $300,000
Economic Opportunity $100,000
Housing Advocacy $500,000
Immigration $515,000
Regional Capacity Building $100,000
SUBTOTAL $1,515,000