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COVID-19 FAQ & Resource List

Frequently Asked Questions

Can organizations apply for funding to give emergency assistance to families? 

No. Although we recognize that many families are facing hardships and often turn to you for assistance, the purpose of this funding is to promote organizational resilience so that you can continue operations to meet the needs of the community and your staff. The foundation made $1M in grants to rapid response funds held at community foundations and United Ways in all 10 of our counties. We encourage you to explore those funds to see how to access emergency assistance for families (see list below).

Can organizations apply to cover costs or lost revenue from the cancellation or postponement of a fundraising event? 

No, unless incurred costs or lost revenue from cancelled or postponed events compromise an organization’s ability to continue services over the short-term.

What is the range for requests and grants? 

We will consider one-time requests of $5,000 - $50,000 per grantee. We expect that most grants will be between $10,000 – 25,000. 

When should organizations apply? 

We will accept applications on a rolling basis until July 1, 2020, or until resources are expended — whichever comes first.

When will decisions be made? What is the notification process? 

Decisions will be made on a weekly basis, so you can expect notification about your application within 7-10 days of submission. Grant awards will also be sent each week.

Who should I contact if I have questions about eligibility? 

Please contact your program officer who can provide guidance.

COVID-19 FAQ & Resource List