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2019 Grantmaking Strategy

This year, grantmaking in our core program areas will remain steady across our 10-county region. We also plan to explore several issues that have surfaced from conversations with grantees and time in the field. These opportunities focus on regional issues that align with our core grantmaking portfolio and may be time bound and/or exploratory in nature.

Below please find our 2019 grants budget which takes into consideration our required minimum distribution and multi-year grant commitments.


Core Grantmaking Portfolio

Family Support  $5,480,000
Food Security $3,695,000
Health Care Access $4,970,000
Housing Stability  $4,400,000
Safe Spaces  $3,150,000
Sector Support/Research $75,000
SUBTOTAL $21,770,000  



Strategic Opportunities

2020 Census $300,000
Economic Opportunity $100,000
Housing Advocacy $500,000
Immigration $515,000
Regional Capacity Building $100,000
SUBTOTAL $1,515,000